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Custom Pools

Custom Pools Deciding to have a custom pool installed is quite a big investment and the project can be a very challenging and exciting one for homeowners. But getting value is about getting it right and choosing the right custom pools company for the designing and installation is the one way of ensuring that you will have a pool that is unique, attractive, one which adds value and complements your home.

Epik Masonry has been installing and remodeling swimming pools since 1990. We understand all the technicalities and have vast knowledge about pool engineering and materials that will go into its making. We are also expert Masonry & Concrete Installers and have been designing outdoor spaces for several years now. This also gives us a very sound understanding of the deigning concepts.

Important Aspects

When we design custom pools, they will look and feel like a part of the landscape they sit in and will also match the architectural elements of your house to perfection. When we handle your project, you know you get value for money because every one of our custom pools is built to last. While constructing the pool for you, there are a number of aspects that we take into consideration such as:

Custom Pools
  • Uniqueness - A large percentage of pools look identical. This is because the contractors use standard and very typical design templates and the design possibilities are very limited. The custom pools that we provide you with, will fit your situation and location perfectly. This means that your pool will look like no other, in the neighborhood.

  • Time factor - Epik Masonry is in control of scheduling since we have our employees Excavate and install all the masonry and concrete material.

  • Construction Quality - A swimming pool is a long term installation and we do not cut corners on any count. We use the best building materials, the latest techniques and the most advanced equipment while constructing your pool.

  • The Cost Factor - When we work on your project, there are never any hidden costs. At the outset, we survey the entire outdoor space in which the pool will be positioned. Careful planning and designing ensures that we take every single aspect of the construction into consideration. This eliminates the possibility of hidden costs. We also confirm work within your budget and provide you with the most cost-effective solutions.

The Best Services

When you hire the services of Epik Masonry, you can rest easy that every aspect of the custom pools installation will be impeccably planned. The satisfied customers we have catered to in and around Ventura County stand testimony to our excellence and expertise in custom pools construction. You can call us on 805-746-0683 for information and a quote. Our offices are at 1336 Callens Rd Ste. B, Ventura, CA. 93003.