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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Many homeowners in Ventura, and surrounding areas like Agoura Hills And Thousand Oaks are now warming up to the idea of making better use of the outdoor spaces on their property and outdoor living has now come of age. Regardless of what the season is, if you have a semi-enclosed or enclosed outdoor area, you can enjoy the yard/garden even as you are sheltered from the elements. Having these extended areas also adds dimension to your home and it makes the interiors look more spacious and open.

Extending the Indoors

All that beautiful landscaping around your home automatically becomes a part of the interiors and this adds a distinct charm to it. Ideally, outdoor living places may have a fire pit or a fireplace and a kitchen too. This is a great way of entertaining outdoors without the hassle of having to run in and out of the house for everything you need. But planning outdoor living areas involves a lot of detailing and thought. Thus getting a professional to do the job is the only way of ensuring that you get everything right.

Outdoor Living

Extensive Expertise

Epik Masonry has numerous years of experience in designing and constructing outdoor living spaces. This area has to be attractive and functional all at once and we make sure that one factor is not sacrificed for the other. We do a thorough job with surveying the area and demarcating the space for various functions. Here are some things we will be taking into consideration:

If you and your family like to cook and entertain, having an elaborate kitchen with a grill, BBQ , storage cabinets, sinks, a refrigerator and a bar is a great option for you. We look at the existing space and see how to use it optimally. Grill islands are also great if space permits us to have them installed. We use the highest-quality materials and ensure that they are suited for outdoor use as they are more exposed to climatic changes.

Elaborate Planning

When we handle your outdoor living area project, we tackle it in a very methodical manner. If you have decided to have a full-scale kitchen attached to this outdoor space, we have to consider utility connections like gas lines and plumbing. In addition to this, we have to understand how you would like this area to be designed and how you prefer the placement of the equipment to be.

In addition to the actual kitchen, the seating areas will also be designed to perfection. We might add a certain amount of built-in seating where cushions can be placed and some loose patio furniture can also be placed in this area. Apart from all the functionality and entertainment opportunities that this area provides, it also ups the value of your home and adds appeal to the landscape. You can Epik Masonry on 805-746-0683 for all your outdoor living area construction needs.