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Fire Pits

Fire Pits Homeowners look for different methods of adding perspective and allure to their yards and gardens. The emphasis today is on creating outdoor spaces that will be livable and more like an extension of the interiors. They are looked upon as spaces that can be used for relaxing with family, entertaining friends and having parties. But there are times when the cold weather keeps you out of your garden and yard & you just prefer the warmth of the indoors.

Using Outdoor Spaces

But when you put in so much effort and money into designing those outdoor spaces, you should be able to use them as when you choose. Adding fire pits to a garden or yard is one way of making the area warm and it encourages you to spend more time in the spaces that you have so lovingly designed.

Epik Masonry has been designing and installing the most creatively designed fire pits in and around Ventura, for a number of years now. We use a range of designs, materials and ideas to create fire pits that will complement the landscape. A lot of planning and thought goes into designing fire pits and we make every attempt to understand what your goals and ideas are.

Customization and More...

Once we have understood what your specific needs are, we will then provide you with designs and ideas that you can choose from. Fire pits provide light & warmth and can also be used as a cooking source. You can have barbecues around the fire pit in your yard, relax, enjoy and entertain your guests there too and they are relaxation zones in the true sense of the word.

When it comes to design, you can choose from various styles, sizes and materials. We have installed fire pits made of concrete, stone and brick in numerous homes in the surrounding areas such as Westlake Village, Hidden Hills and Thousand Oaks. We build these pits in any shape and style you like and focus on customization.

A Matter of Space

One of the first factors we take into consideration is the space available. In addition to the actual fire pit, we also have to factor in the space that will be required for seating. Apart from size, design and style, you also have to decide what kind of fuel you want to use and can opt between wood, gas or propane. Wood fires are not permitted in all areas and gas fire pits are convenient and easy to maintain.

The Best Services

The gas line from your home can be extended to this area as required and we handle that installation with care and expertise. We also provide you various fire pit fill options like lava rock, recycled glass and river rock. Call Epik Masonry on 805-746-0683 for the best fire pit ideas. When we handle your fire pit project you know that you will be getting expert designers, skilled installers and the best materials. Our offices are at 1336 Callens Rd Ste. B Ventura, CA. 93003.