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Stone & Brick Veneer

The first thing that gets noticed when someone looks at your home is its siding. It is this that adds curb appeal to your property. Specifically, stone & brick veneer adds a sense of richness and elegance as well as one of timelessness and stability. This is exactly why so many people choose to have this siding on the exteriors of their home.

Stone & Brick Veneer

Hiring Experienced Contractors

Epik Masonry uses stone & brick veneer in a number of new construction & remodeling projects in Ventura County and every home looks unique and attractive. The important thing is to have an expert contractor handle the siding job. A shoddy job can mar the look of your home as it will look unfinished and untidy. We use the best materials and the most experienced installers handle the job. We aim to please and quality is the mainstay of every project that we handle, regardless of how big or small it is.

Brick Veneer

In places where real brick is used to construct homes, brick veneer can still be used as a siding. Though it actually is real masonry, this single-layer application overlays the framework of the structure. The siding is affixed to the exterior walls with the use of a metal ties that allow for a very small gap in between the existing wall & the fa├žade. This small air-filled gap is what acts as an insolent. Brick Veneer is fireproof and durable and it can potentially save you a certain amount of money on insurance premiums. In addition, you end up saving a significant amount of money over the years, you do not have to paint or stain your home and it will look beautiful for decades. This makes it a hassle-free siding option.

Stone Veneer

This is made up of a mixture of various natural materials such as lightweight aggregates, Portland cement & iron oxide pigments. During the fabrication process, all these materials become an integral part of the stone. This mixture is them cast in molds that are taken from various stone and this is what gives them a very realistic stone look. In addition, when you use natural stone in a structure, many footings and wall ties are required. This makes the installation complex and expensive.

On the other hand stone veneer is available in a range of colors, styles and textures and it looks very much like the real thing. This material is also around 50% lower in cost, compared to natural stone and it weighs almost 75% less than the latter does. This makes installation quicker and it also reduces the number of structural supports that are required.

We have adorned a number of homes in Ventura County, L.A. and Santa Barbara with stone veneer and it can be affixed with proper preparation to structurally-sound surfaces. Call us on 805-746-0683 for all your brick & stone veneer needs. You can also visit us at our offices at 1336 Callens Rd Ste. B, Ventura, CA 93003 and speak with our well-informed staff for more information.