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Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens Outdoor kitchens are now gaining in popularity and everyone wants one at their home. These spaces very cleverly extend the areas of your home and add elegance and charm to it. It’s a great place to spend time outdoors in any season and these semi-enclosed or enclosed spaces also permit you to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather. Some homeowners in Westlake Village, Malibu and Conejo Valley like simplistic outdoor kitchens while others prefer more elaborate settings with equipment like grills and BBQ’s as well as pizza ovens.

Planning it Right

These additions add a distinct charm to the ambience but it also makes it the perfect spot for entertainment. It’s amazing to be able to cook outdoors and enjoy pizzas and grilled foods with family and friends. Having a BBQ Grill or pizza ovens in your outdoor kitchen is a great way of turning a simple meal into an exceptional one. When we handle your outdoor kitchen project and you need a pizza oven installed, we ensure that all the planning is just right.

Epik Masonry makes sure that the seating areas are not too close to the oven as the latter tend to give off heat. We also make sure that they have the right vents for the smoke and fumes to escape. There really is nothing that can compare to cooking outdoors and a being able to have a gourmet –style wood-fired pizza right in your home in Ventura, is definite luxury.

An Expert’s Job

But building a pizza oven is not a novice’s job. It has to be structured just right and the grates and have to be positioned accurately. All of this is important as you do not want to be stoking the fire and constantly attending to the pizza oven when you are entertaining. The materials that are used in the construction also have to be right as pizza ovens essentially work by absorbing most of the heat from the fire & reflecting it back into its center. As long as the oven is engineered right, once you have the fire going, making pizzas can be a breeze.

Incomparable Designing

Well-structured and artistically designed pizza ovens can act as centerpieces in an outdoor setting and your guests will very naturally gather around them when you are entertaining. In most cases, pizza ovens fit well in a corner and when we are designing outdoor kitchens, we treat these as a starting point. We also suggest that a counter be added or you can add a bar and some other appliances and turn it into a full-fledged outdoor kitchen.

Patios and decks lend themselves very well for building pizza ovens and they can be semi- or entirely covered as required. Call Epik Masonry on 805-746-0683 for pizza oven designing and installation or drop us a mail via our website and we will contact you. Every project is carried out within the predetermined budget and timeline and with the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism.