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Hardscape Remodeling

Hardscape Remodeling When you plan on hardscape remodeling, there are a number of aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Softscaping like the plantings and turf can be changed easily, while hardscapes are more or less permanent fixtures of the landscaping. Investing a certain amount of time and planning into the hardscaping can effectively turn a portion of your garden or yard into an extension of your home. But not all homeowners have the time and knowledge to know exactly what they need to add to the existing harsdscape to make it look better.

But the one thing they are sure about is that they want it to look different from what it currently is. And so, we at Epik Masonry give form to that desire and vision and handle your hardscape remodeling projects with a great deal of creativity and expertise. We have handled scores of these projects in and around Ventura County and have created extended living areas that stand testimony to your good taste. There are a number of factors we look at while planning your project and there are different elements that we might incorporate such as:

Hardscape Remodeling
  • Pavers - These have now become a very important element of any landscaping. They are available in concrete, brick and a variety of natural stone and are used on driveways, pathways and walkways as well as on patios and decks. They are available in a range of colors, designs and patterns and we use them very effectively to create very beautiful outdoor spaces.

  • Retaining Walls - These could be used as part of the hardscape remodeling projects in yards or gardens that have grading. We can level the slopes and install retaining walls that will prevent erosion of soil and keep the rest of the area safe and can clad with stone to give them a natural look.

  • Decks, Gazebos/Pergolas/Arbors - These are very functional elements that add a distinct charm to the landscape. Depending on your specific need and liking, we can add decking, gazebos or pergolas to as part of the hardscape remodeling. You can choose from composite or wooden decks and gazebos made of wood with columns and trellises. Pergolas add a very attractive look and arbors can be used to cover pathways as well. All these spaces automatically become very attractive & livable areas.

  • Water Features - Apart from all the elements that have just been mentioned, many homeowners in the Santa Paula and Camarillo and Oxnard areas opt to add water features like fountains, ponds and waterfalls. If there is a space constraint, we can add bubbling rocks which look very quaint. These are just some of the elements of hardscape remodeling that will add allure to the landscape.

Speak with our representatives at our office at 1336 Callens Rd Ste. B Ventura, CA. 93003, or simply send us an email via the Epik Masonry website. Before long, with our insightful and creative designs, meticulous planning, the best materials and efficient execution of the project and you will have a garden that is the envy of the neighborhood.