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Drainage Ventura, CA Do you want a flood-free landscape and outdoor space? Hire an experienced drainage contractor like us at Epik Masonry & Concrete, Inc. For more than two decades, we have been helping property owners improve the functionality and aesthetics of their properties. We also create safer outdoor spaces by installing vital features such as landscape lighting, perimeter fences, and drainage systems. These property improvement tasks are carefully planned and meticulously installed to ensure their durability and efficiency. If you are planning to install any of these features, please call us at 805-746-0683.

We have already completed similar projects in Santa Barbara CA, Montecito CA, Malibu CA, Calabasas CA, Thousand Oaks CA, and Agoura CA. A lot of homeowners in Ventura CA, Camarillo CA, Ojai CA, Westlake Village CA, and nearby areas also choose us to build these vital installations in their property. They know that we have the skills, resources, and capability to build reliable drainage systems.

Drainage Design and Installation

Epik Masonry & Concrete, Inc. can design and install any type of drainage for landscaped area or any type of property. We can install surface or subsurface drainage system, depending on the needs of your property. Our design team will visit your property and carefully assess its needs. We consider the landscape features, the topography, the permanent structures, and your future plans for the property. The vital information will help us create highly efficient drainage systems.

We can design any of these systems:

  • Surface drainage. Surface drains are recommended for flat areas because they can effectively channel water runoff away from building foundation or landscaping. This system is typically installed around walkways, driveways, and other permanent structures in a property. This type is cheaper to install.

  • Subsurface drainage. The installation of subsurface drains involves deep underground ditches and network of pipes. A large collector drain and sump pump may be installed to direct water away from home or landscaped area. The most popular design for this type is the French drain. At Epik Masonry & Concrete, Inc., we carefully design French drains to ensure their reliability and efficiency. We use top-quality pipes and other materials to avoid frequent repair and maintenance works. We also recommend this type for those who are concerned about the aesthetic appeal of their outdoors.

  • Downspout and Gutters. These are vital installations in homes and commercial properties. The downspouts and gutter system must be well-designed to protect your property from water leaks due to heavy rainfall. Rainwater can cause massive damage to your walls, ceilings, and interiors, so the gutter system must be durably built and efficiently designed. At Epik Masonry & Concrete, Inc., we recommend seamless gutter systems because of their reliability and aesthetic benefits.

Hire California’s Drainage Experts

Epik Masonry & Concrete, Inc. guarantees the reliability and efficiency of all the drainage systems that we design and install. We have complete equipment so we can complete the project fast and according to local regulations. Call us now to set an appointment or visit us at our Ventura office to discuss the details of your drainage project.