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Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling Pool areas tend to get used a lot and over a period of time may look a little lack luster, or you might just want a new look for your pool and its surroundings. Epik Masonry has carried out a number of pool remodeling projects in and around Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. Once we have understood your needs and goals, we put all our creativity to work and chalk out very well planned and thought-out designs for your pool area.

Expert Designers

In some cases, our clients in Montecito, Malibu and Thousand Oaks ask us to add a fireplace, fire pit a cabana, a pool house or an arbor to the swimming pool area. We give you the best designs for these areas and ensure that our designs meet your vision. We handle all kinds of pool remodeling jobs regardless of how big or small they are. It could be something as simple as re-cladding the edge of the pool or adding a sun deck or as complex as adding a pool house- we have it all covered.

Our highly skilled employees carry out the installation to perfection. We are very knowledgeable and have a very in-depth understanding about all the concepts of good outdoor design and this is what gives us an edge over any other contractors in the Ventura area.

Pool Remodeling

Exceptional Designs

In addition to providing you with exceptional design concepts, we also give you a variety of material options to choose from. Today, homeowners want the landscaping and outdoor spaces of their homes to be as beautiful as the interiors and that creating impressive spaces is our topmost priority. Even replacing or adding a waterline tile or adding a pool deck can transform the look of a pool. Some people have more elaborate and expensive pool remodeling plans and we handle those with a lot of expertise too. There are times when the steel reinforcement gets rusted out and the bond beam or the pool shell has to be remodeled completely.

In cases such as these, we keep you informed about all the costs and also always ensure that there aren’t any hidden ones. These are expensive repairs, but we carry out all our pool remodeling projects well within the pre-decided budget.

Repairs & Remodeling

Homeowners remodel their pools for various reasons. In some cases, the look is outdated and they want a spruced-up look for the outdoor areas. There are times when older pools need masonry repairs or even equipment repairs and the owners take this as an opportunity to carry out some additional pool remodeling work. There are also a lot of new materials available in the market today and some people just like to update the pool and its surroundings for a more contemporary look. Irrespective of what the reason for the pool remodeling is, you can contact Epik Masonry for all kinds of projects. Write to us via our website and we will call you or you can reach us on 805-746-0683.