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HGTV: I want that kitchen
The Great Outdoors
By building a large outdoor kitchen with all the functions of their indoor kitchen, the homeowners can now spend more time soaking up the sun in style.
HGTV: I want that kitchen
Cooking Area
The main cooking area is centered around a massive gas grill, two side burners and a prep area. With a grill this large, the homeowners never have to worry about running out of cooking space.
HGTV: I want that kitchen
Pizza OvenIncluded in the large cooking area is a wood-burning pizza oven. With a good fire, it takes the oven about two hours to get up to the right temperature. Then the coals are pushed to one side, and the pizza slides right onto the oven deck to be cooked.
HGTV: I want that kitchen
Overhead View
Seating is not a problem in this kitchen; the huge island can seat 12 people comfortably. The surface of the multi-level countertops and island are made out of white cement that was polished for a smooth, shiny finish.
HGTV: I want that kitchen
Seating Area
At each end of the long countertop are two rounded tables that come in handy for big cookouts. They are at bar height, making them comfortable for sitting as well as convenient for buffets.
HGTV: I want that kitchen
Outdoor Living Room
When the cooking is complete, the party can move underneath the beautiful cabana. The outdoor kitchen takes full advantage of the southern California weather, but the homeowners like having a little protection from the sun or winter rains. If weather turns cold, they can sit on the hearth and enjoy the fabulous built-in fireplace.
HGTV: I want that kitchen
Media Center
Why go inside to watch a movie or football game? The homeowners installed an entertainment center and enclosed it in glass so they can watch TV outdoors, no matter the weather.